The selflessness of persons

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A series of teachings by Venerable Sangye Khadro given during the Green Tara Retreat at Sravasti Abbey and offered on-line from July 3 to July 10, 2020. The teachings include talks on the Green Tara Practice and commentary on Chapter 9 of Shantideva’s Engaging in the Bodhisattva’s Deeds. Venerable Sangye Khadro refers to Root Verses on Chapter 9 with Outline. She also refers to Chapter 9 Commentary by Dragpa Gyaltsen and Supplementary Notes on Shantideva’s Ninth Chapter.

  • Reflecting on selflessness to deal with disturbing emotions
  • Why selflessness does not undermine karma
  • If there is no inherently existent self, then for whom is compassion cultivated?
  • How emptiness gives hope for freedom from suffering
  • Questions and answers
    • Why does karma ripen in future lives?
    • Why do some karmas ripen sooner than others?
    • Explain the self that exists and the self that doesn’t
  • Meditating on the body to establish selflessness of phenomena
10 Green Tara Retreat: Selflessness of Persons 07-08-20

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