Purifying interferences

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To those from the pure and supreme places who enjoy space (emptiness),
Who possess the five superknowledges and can magically emanate,
Care for us practitioners, like a mother for her child.
I prostrate to the assembly of dakinis of the three places.

ah ka samara tsasha dara samaraya phat (recite several times)

tayata gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi soha

By the truth of the existence of the Three Jewels, may all inner and outer hindrances and adversities be overcome! (clap)
May they become non-existent! (clap)
May they be pacified! (clap)
May all destructive forces opposed to the Dharma be completely pacified!

May the eighty thousand obstacles be pacified. May we be separated from all adverse conditions and may we obtain conducive circumstances and everything good. May there be auspiciousness, happiness, and well-being, here, right now!

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