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Right effort, learning, and love

Right effort, learning, and love

Closeup of handwriting on a page in a journal.
Keeping a journal can give us better understanding of ourselves. (Photo by Wade M)

I began keeping a journal in my Buddhist training, and it shows the gradual discovery of my own suffering.

I woke this morning with a little more understanding of myself. It is true that by increasing my effort in training and by really learning, help comes in response to what I have learned. What I have learned is this; in most of my thoughts I spin the central theme of hurt. I take on events, spin out the details, and magnify my own hurt. I do this by the judgments I make about the motives or opinions of others. And then, when my mind has evoked a string of emotions, and in response even thoughts and emotions well up, it becomes even more painful than before. I began to look for help and found it all around me and much to my surprise, from within!

Buddhism teaches that all beings are basically looking for love.

Guest Author: J. P.