Poem to Mom and Dad

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D. D. expressed his gratitude to his parents in a poem after having completed a six-year sentence.

Beyond Words

When I was helpless
You helped me
When I was hungry
You fed me
When I was naked
You clothed me
When I was dirty
You cleaned me
When I was in despair
You comforted me
When I was happy
You shared in my joy

Mom and Dad, you together have given me this precious human birth, without which I could not take refuge in the Three Jewels. Your selflessness and unconditional love and support for me, in the face of adversity and pain, has inspired me beyond measure. Words alone cannot express the deep heartfelt gratitude I have and great good fortune for having such kind and giving parents such as yourselves. Mom and Dad, I cannot say it enough nor mean it more:


Your Son

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