Love and attachment

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Part of a series of talks regarding the influence that Dharma practice can have on family life, given at the Mid-America Buddhist Association workshop held in Augusta, Missouri on June 7-9, 2002.


  • Love and attachment
  • Family relationships
  • The importance of the extended family

DAF 01a: Introduction (download)

Impermanence as an antidote to attachment

  • Attachment as dependence
  • Dependence as sorrow and suffering
  • Impermanence for healthy relationships

DAF 01b: Impermanence (download)

Parents as role models

  • Balancing structure to help adolescents
  • Suffering as a normal part of the human experience
  • Role of parents

DAF 01c: Adolescents (download)

Questions and answers: part one

  • Changing patterns of behavior
  • Positive influence of our parents
  • The kindness of those who raised us

DAF 01d: Patterns of behavior (download)

Questions and answers: part two

  • Attachment and relationships
  • Expanding love for our friends and others
  • Cultivating the equanimity

DAF 01e: Q&A (download)

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