How to rely on a spiritual teacher

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A talk given at the Amitabha Buddhist Centre, Singapore.

Qualities of the disciple

  • Purpose of having a spiritual teacher
  • Qualities of a disciple

Relying on a spiritual teacher 01 (download)

Qualities of the teacher

  • Qualities of a spiritual teacher
  • What it means to be helped by the teacher

Relying on a spiritual teacher 02 (download)

Developing a relationship with the teacher

  • Attending and practicing teachings
  • Having an open mind towards the teacher’s actions
  • Offering service
  • Making offerings

Relying on a spiritual teacher 03 (download)

Question and answer session

  • Seeing the guru as Buddha
  • Balancing the demands of life and teachings
  • Maintaining a relationship with a teacher from afar
  • Having many teachers
  • Accumulating merit despite great obstacles

Relying on a spiritual teacher 04 (download)

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