Rebirth: is it really possible?

A talk given at the Buddhist Library, Singapore on November 25, 2003. Note: Due to change of tapes during recording, parts of the teachings were lost.

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  • Who am I? (download)

    • The purpose and meaning of life
    • Transforming and eradicating the strong notion of “I,” “me” and “mine”
    • Continuity of the mind and body
    • Refuting the idea of a fixed soul or entity

    Proof of rebirth (download)

    • People have memories of their previous lives
    • Research has been documented
    • Tibetans have a system of recognizing the rebirths of Dharma masters
    • Imprints from one’s actions of body, speech and mind

    The purpose and meaning of life (download)

    • Taking full responsibility for one’s life
    • How karmic seeds are planted
    • How to prepare one’s mind for death
    • The determination to be free from cyclic existence and attain nirvana

    Questions and answers (download)

    • Buddhist perspective on a creator God
    • The nature of the mind
    • Different realms of rebirth
    • Why ghosts and spirits exist
    • Helping animals to be reborn in a higher realm
    • The process of rebirth

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