Practicing the Buddha’s teachings

Foreword to Open Heart, Clear Mind

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Cover of the book Open Heart, Clear Mind.

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The teachings of the Buddha have provided solace and comfort to countless people over the last two thousand five hundred years. During this time their influence has been felt largely in Asian countries, although in recent decades interest has grown remarkably throughout the world. Heartening evidence of this is that persons like Venerable Thubten Chodron, who were neither born nor brought up in traditionally Buddhist countries, have been inspired to devote their time and effort to helping others to benefit from Buddhist practice.

I am happy that she has prepared this book, Open Heart, Clear Mind based on her own experience, which conveys a clear understanding of Buddhism as it has been practiced by Tibetans, in easily comprehensible language. These teachings are both subtle and profound, but it is very important that they are made accessible in a way that people can actually put them into practice and derive real benefit from them. I am sure this book will achieve this and that it will prove helpful to general readers, especially those who have little previous acquaintance with Buddhism.

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