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Books available in translation

A list of Venerable Chodron's books available in translation.

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Image of the Wheel of Life.
On Impermanence

Reflections on rebirth

Grappling with the concept of rebirth in our Western culture.

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Group of people at candlelight vigil.
Transforming War and Terrorism

In the face of violence

Two students respond to the recent acts of terrorism and their aftermath.

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Interfaith Dialogue

In the land of identities

What is identity? Past experience does not have to determine what we do now. Examining…

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Glimpse of the Gaza Strip

Confronting fears and preconceptions on a visit to the Gaza Strip in April 1999.

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Venerable with a woman and a soldier at the Gaza Strip.

In the Holy Land, Israel and Palestine

Political conflict affects the lives of people of all faiths and backgrounds throughout the Holy…

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