Heather Mack Duchscher

Heather Mack Duchscher has been studying Buddhism since 2007. She first started following Venerable Chodron's teachings in January 2012 and began attending retreats at Sravasti Abbey in 2013.

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Cover of The Gomchen Lamrim Study Guide.
Gomchen Lamrim

Gomchen Lamrim study guide

Contemplation points for the Gomchen Lamrim teaching series.

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Heather pouring water into water bowls from a pitcher.
Preliminary Practices

The heart of generosity

The preliminary practice of offering water bowls cultivates openness and generosity in the practitioner.

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On Taking Illness Onto the Path

Recognizing our inner beauty

Abbey volunteer Heather Duchscher shares how meeting the Dharma helped her to overcome her eating…

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Group of people at candlelight vigil.
Transforming War and Terrorism

In the face of violence

Two students respond to the recent acts of terrorism and their aftermath.

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Heather leading meditation.
Preliminary Practices

The Vajrasattva ngondro

A student offers thoughts on completing the Vajrasattva ngondro.

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Heather standing in front of an exhibit at the presidential museum.
On Refuge and Bodhicitta

Making a real difference

Because we're in the realm of samsara, we can't escape suffering. Only one thing will…

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Heather with fellow retreatant, Cindy, in front of the Chenrezig Hall altar.

Unloading the garbage mind

A student shares her thoughts on doing purification practice after attending the Vajrasattva retreat at…

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Vajrasattva Winter Retreat 2014

Dropping our garbage

Shares insights from working with pain, illness, and purification during Vajrasattva retreat.

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Venerable Jampa and Heather arranging the altar.
On Cultivating Virtue

Another take on the fifth precept

A student shares how extending the fifth precept to avoid intoxicants to include wise dietary…

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