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Book cover of Siksamana Posadha and Other Rites

Shiksamana Posadha and Other Rites

Rites and precepts for training nuns from the Dharmaguptaka Vinaya with commentary on the precepts. This text is best read by Buddhist monastics.

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If you do not preserve and keep the precepts, how will you realize Buddha nature? Although all sentient beings have Buddha nature, to realize it you must begin by keeping the precepts. As a result of realizing Buddha nature, you will attain unsurpassed awakening.

— Shiksamana Precept Text of the Dharmaguptaka Tradition, Vinaya Master Hongzan

Overview of contents

This booklet contains Dharmaguptaka Vinaya rites commonly used by Buddhist training nuns (shikshamanas), and the Shikshamana Precepts compiled by Vinaya Master Hongzan with his commentary.

According to the Buddha’s Vinaya, this text may only be read by fully ordained Buddhist monastics and shikshamanas.

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