Book cover of Pearl of Wisdom II

Pearl of Wisdom, Book II

Buddhist Prayers and Practices

An inspiring resource for students who have already entered into the practice of Tibetan Buddhism, this text contains meditations to connect us to the various manifestations of the Buddha, practices to cultivate bodhicitta, and other inspiring verses.

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About the book

This book is designed for people who have begun practicing Buddhism in the Tibetan tradition. It contains common prayers and practices, such as the verses to generate aspiring and engaging bodhicitta, and lists of their respective precepts. “The King of Prayers” inspires the heart, and the meditations on Chenrezig, Vajrasattva, Green Tara, White Tara, Medicine Buddha, Amitabha Buddha, and Lama Tsongkhapa Guru Yoga help us to connect to the various manifestations of the Buddha. Inspiring verses and various mantras also help us prepare for the day.

Engaging in Buddhist prayers and practices, optimally on a daily basis, enables us to internalize their wholesome thoughts, perspectives and emotions. We practice Dharma in order to gradually transform our minds, to free ourselves of clinging attachment, anger, and confusion, and to cultivate love, compassion, wisdom, and other excellent qualities. By repeatedly training in the practices included in this book under the guidance of a qualified spiritual teacher, we will learn how to meditate on them, thereby transforming our minds and improving the quality of our daily lives.

May you enjoy and benefit from the Buddha’s teachings!

More Prayers and Practices

The story behind the book

Venerable Chodron reads an excerpt