Cover of the book, "Living the Vinaya"

Living the Vinaya

An Introduction to Karmans and Skandhakas

A commentary on Buddhist karmans and skandhakas, now available in English to support the growth of monastic communities in the West. This book is best read by Buddhist monastics.

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This book is best read by Buddhist monastics.

About the book

In these times of spiritual searching, some people choose to become monastics, dedicating their lives to ethical conduct and training their minds to release worldly concerns and practice the path to full awakening. Becoming a monastic is much more than learning the ethical precepts, it involves learning the prescriptive precepts the Buddha established that describe virtuous activities that Buddhist monasteries  engage in to contribute to the flourishing of the Three Jewels.

Bhikshuni Master Venerable Wuyin is the founder of the Luminary International Buddhist Society and abbess of Luminary Temple. She regularly teaches the pratimoksha and Vinaya and her compassion extends to explain these to Western nuns as well. This book is a rare resource of commentary on Buddhist karmans and skandhakas by a living bhikshuni master and her disciples, now made available in English for the first time to support the growth of Buddhist monastic communities in the West.


The Relevance of Buddhist Ethical Precepts to Humanity

  1. Establishing Buddhism in Society
  2. Three Characteristics of the Buddha’s Teachings

A Brief Explanation of Buddhist Karmans

  1. Performing Karmans with Mastery
  2. Karmans Unrelated to Disputes and for Resolving Disputes
  3. Karmans for the Creation of Virtue and to Expiate Offenses
  4. Conveying Consent: The Practice of Harmony in the Monastic Community
  5. The Posadha Karman
  6. Forfeiture-Lapses and Spiritual Practice
  7. The Core Spirit Behind Forfeiture-Lapses

The Twenty Skandhakas

  1. An Overview of the Vinaya
  2. Ordination Skandhaka
  3. Varsa Skandhaka
  4. Pravarana Skandhaka
  5. Kathina Skandhaka
  6. Posadha Skandhaka
  7. Medicine Skandhaka
  8. Lodgings Skandhaka
  9. Skandhaka on Resolving Disputes

Coda: Living the Vinaya at Sravasti Abbey

  • Posadha
  • Varsa and Pravarana
  • Kathina
  • Ordination