Book cover of Dealing with Life's Issues

Dealing with Life’s Issues

A Buddhist Perspective

How to apply Buddhist teachings to the many difficulties and problems we face in life, from terrorist attacks to dealing with the loss of loved ones.


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About the book

Are you bogged down by life’s many challenges? Ever wondered what Buddhism says about romantic love, marriage, divorce, homosexuality, premarital sex and abortion?

In this book, Venerable Thubten Chodron tackles these and other issues, giving clear and succinct answers to the many challenges we face in modern life, from terrorist attacks, natural disasters and global warming, to dealing with the loss of loved ones from terminal illnesses and suicide.

Overview of contents

  • Romantic Love and Marriage
  • Dharma and the Family
  • Dharma Guidance on World Events
  • Dharma and Terminal Illness
  • Dharma and Suicide
  • Dharma and the Prison: Making Friends with Ourselves