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Since the Buddha’s time, his teachings have been freely offered. This tradition continues today through the following books authored, co-authored and edited by Venerable Chodron. They have been made possible by the generosity of many supporters.

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© 1988-2022 by Thubten Chodron. All freely offered books are strictly for free distribution and are not to be sold.

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Most can be found on the corresponding English book page. Books without an English equivalent, like the following, are on book genre pages.

Book cover of Unlocking Your Potential

Unlocking Your Potential

Co-written with Calvin Malone, a civil detainee at the Special Commitment Center on McNeil Island, WA. This book is suitable for inmates or anyone seeking wisdom and transformation. Free hard copies are available for incarcerated persons.

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Book cover of Refuge Resource Book

Refuge Resource Book

A collection of articles compiled by Venerable Thubten Chodron as a resource for preparing to take or renew one’s refuge and precepts.

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Book cover of Seven Tips for a Happy Life

Seven Tips for a Happy Life

Seven essential tips for cultivating happiness drawn from the Buddha’s teachings. Based on two talks for young people given in Singapore.

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Book cover of The Path to Happiness

The Path to Happiness

This book is a compilation of Dharma talks given at the Jade Buddha Temple in Houston, Texas on practical Buddhism in daily life, dealing with anxiety, and Buddhism in modern society.

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Book cover of 37 Practices of Bodhisattvas

Thirty-seven Practices of Bodhisattvas

Venerable Chodron provides commentary on “The Thirty-seven Practices of Bodhisattvas,” a poem by Tibetan master Gyelsay Togmay Zangpo.

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Book cover of Dealing with Life's Issues

Dealing with Life’s Issues

How to apply Buddhist teachings to the many difficulties and problems we face in life, from terrorist attacks to dealing with the loss of loved ones.

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Book cover of Transforming Our Daily Activities

Transforming Our Daily Activities

How to lead a more fulfilling life according to the Buddha’s teachings and transform your daily activities into acts of compassion and loving-kindness.

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Book cover of Working with Anger

Working with Anger

Whether we call it irritation, annoyance, aversion, rage or some other term, anger harms ourselves and others. This short text cuts to the heart of ways to transform our anger into a more peaceful, patient mind and a heart filled with loving-kindness for others, no matter how they act towards us.

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Book cover of I Wonder Why

I Wonder Why

Answers to common questions about Buddhism in everyday English.

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