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Dharma in Daily Life

Questions and answers on Dharma in daily life

Answers to student questions on how how to apply the Dharma in common situations.

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A Presentation of the Establishment of Mindfulness

The four objects of mindfulness

Introduction to the four establishments of mindfulness including the four objects and the common manner…

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Shantideva Teachings at Sravasti Abbey

Review of Chapter Six: Verses 1-11

The disadvantages of anger, and how to keep the mind from getting angry by protecting…

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Volume 3 Samsara, Nirvana, and Buddha Nature

Buddhahood depends on sentient beings

Reviewing Chapter 12, "The Mind and Its Potential", describing how Buddhas depends on sentient beings…

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Fear, Anxiety, and Other Emotions

Transforming anxiety and depression in a rapidly cha...

Discussion of the source of anxiety and related emotions and some practical antidotes to counteract…

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Rashika laughing while cooking in the Sravasti Abbey kitchen with Venerable Penne.
On Cultivating Virtue

Revoking anger’s “Get out of trouble free” card

Anger can make us impulsive, making us feel out of control. A simple meditation shows…

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