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Thought Training

Living a life that matters

How to overcome the eight worldly concerns and generate bodhicitta.

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Volume 3 Samsara, Nirvana, and Buddha Nature

Equality of samsara and nirvana

Describing the meaning of "one taste in emptiness", beginning the section, "The Equality of Samsara…

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Sunset behind an open meadow.
On Self-Worth

I am a Buddhist

D. S. reflects on how his studies in Buddhism have influenced his life as an…

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A group of people sitting in a room, surrounded by thangkas.
Love and Self-esteem

Seeing kindness everywhere

By recognizing the kindness all around us we will open our hearts to everyone.

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An Open-Hearted Life

Overcoming partiality

By recognizing our differences are superficial we can overcome our partiality and biases.

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Volume 3 Samsara, Nirvana, and Buddha Nature

Dormant and manifest consciousnesses

Explaining dormant and manifest aspects of rigpa and subtlest clear light mind, completing the section…

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Silhouette of a tree against a setting sun.
On Cultivating Wisdom

The power of precepts

An incarcerated person considers the value of taking precepts.

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Stained glass image of One thousand-armed Chenrezig.
On Love, Compassion, and Bodhicitta

Bringing Avalokiteshvara into the circle

An incarcerated person uses his Dharma practice to quietly support the victims of crimes.

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Sunrise behind mountain and clouds, with a silhouette of trees in the foreground.
On Self-Worth

Healing past relationships

An incarcerated person finds new ways to support his Dharma practice.

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