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Healing after a Suicide

Suicide Prevention Awareness Month: September 2019

The state of Washington is active in preventing suicide deaths. Venerable Chodron shares information on…

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Guest read Dharma books on the Chenrezig Hall deck.

Reading list

An extensive bibliography of resources for further study.

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rains retreat (Pali: vassā, Sanskrit: varṣa)

The three-month period of the summer monsoon rains in India, during which the sangha lives…

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Western Monastics

Western Buddhist nuns in the Tibetan tradition

Venerable Chodron explores the history of Buddhist nuns in the West through her own experiences,…

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Cheri smiling at Sravasti Abbey.
On Taking Illness Onto the Path

Using the Dharma to manage an unpredictable illness

A students uses her Dharma practice to face adversity, and then uses that same adversity…

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A doctor helps a patient lying in a stretcher passing through a machine.
Helping the Dying and Deceased

When a dear one has a medical emergency

In a time of uncertainty, letting our minds relax can be of benefit to ourselves…

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Nuns performing the bimonthly confession of precepts at Sravasti Abbey.
Monastic Rites

Posadha at Sravasti Abbey

An explanation of the ritual known as posadha, during which monastics purify and restore their…

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Venerable Nyima wearing sunglasses while listening to a teaching.
Living with Impermanence

Listening to my body

Personal health issues can increase awareness of our interdependence with others.

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Full Ordination for Nuns

Researching the bhikshuni lineage

Can the bhikshuni ordination be traced back to the time of the Buddha? Bhikshuni Sangye…

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Venerable Pende standing next to Venerable Chodron, holding her robes and smiling.
Becoming a Monastic

Seniority in the sangha

Reflection on the monastic hierarchy helps a "baby" nun to grow in her Dharma practice.

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Barbed wire in a garden.
By Incarcerated People

Prison labor

Today's prisons provide few chances for rehabilitation, instead using incarcerated people for cheap labor. One…

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