Gelugpa-Kagyu Mahamudra lineage

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A talk given during a weekend course on Mahamudra at Sravasti Abbey.

  • Questions and answers
  • Views on the Gelugpa-Kagyu Mahamudra lineage
  • The Gelug Mahamudra uncommon distant lineage
  • The Gelug Mahamudra uncommon proximate lineage
  • The integration of Mahamudra into the Gelugpa tradition
  • Commentary on Highway of the Conquerors: Root Verses for the Precious Geden Oral Transmission of Mahāmudrā by Losang Chökyi Gyeltsen
    • Verse 1: Homage
    • Verse 2: Promise to compose
    • Verses 3-5: Common and uncommon preliminaries
    • Verse 6: Divisions of Mahamudra
    • Verses 7-8: Tantric Mahamudra
    • Verses 9-12: Overview of Sūtra Mahamudra
02 Teachings on Mahamudra with Dr. Roger Jackson 02-27-16

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