The Madhyamaka view: Questions and answers

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Part of a series of teachings given during the Madhyamaka through Metaphors retreat with Geshe Dadul Namgyal. The slides used during this teaching series can be found in PDF format here.

  • What it means to say that the Cittamtarins assert physicality even though they posit that there is no external world
  • Whether it is possible to realize emptiness without using reasoning
  • The Buddhist perspective on free will in relation to karma
  • The difference between mundane and supramundane bodhicitta, and conventional and ultimate bodhicitta
  • What the Buddha taught in the first turning of the wheel of the Dharma
  • What partial emptiness means in the Svatantrika Madhyamika school
  • Whether the wisdom of the six perfections refers only to the wisdom realizing emptiness
  • The difference between the arhats’ and bodhisattvas’ realization of emptiness
  • Visualizing a dead person who has already passed into the next life
04 Madhyamaka Through Metaphors with Geshe Damdul Namgyal 09-12-15

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