Trip to India

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  • The opportunity to share research on offering the bhikshuni ordination in the Tibetan tradition
  • Watching the nuns participate in their annual debate and meeting with the former prime minister of Tibet
  • Having patience with the process of re-establishing the bhikshuni lineage
01 Trip To India 12-19-12
  • Helping Eastern scholars research with Western methods
  • Meeting with the community of nuns in Dharamsala
  • The opportunity to visit with Geshe Sonam Rinchen, one of Venerable Chodron’s first teachers
02 Trip To India 12-20-12
  • Importance of internet and cellphones regulation in the monasteries and how that could affect the practice of younger monks
  • Touching moments of saying goodbye to one of her teachers
  • Importance for the monks in the monastery to keep studying/practicing and eventually teaching and sharing the Dharma
03 Trip To India 12-22-12
  • The importance of incorporating more science programs as part of the monastics education
  • The relationship between Buddhism and science
04 Trip To India 12-23-12
  • The nourishment of being in a group gathered to learn the Dharma from His Holiness the Dalai Lama
  • How being part of such a group affects karma and differs from other groups to which we might belong
  • The joy of celebrating Lama Tsongkhapa day with the multitude of practitioners in India
05 Trip To India 12-24-12

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