Mind Training Like Rays of the Sun (2008-10)

An explanation of Nam-kha Pel’s commentary on the Seven-Point Mind Training by Geshe Chekawa given at Sravasti Abbey between September 2008 and July 2010.

Root Text

Mind Training Like Rays of the Sun by Nam-kha Pel published by The Library of Tibetan Works and Archives is available as an ebook on Google Play here.

Virtuous and nonvirtuous paths of action

If we become aware of our virtuous and nonvirtuous paths of action we quickly see the benefits of the virtuous path. What creates a completed…

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The weight of karmic actions

The heaviness or lightness of our karmic actions are determined by five factors. We look at some of the direct results of the ten nonvirtuous…

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The four types of karmic results

The four types of ripening created from karmic results include our habits, where we are born, the type of situations we are born into and…

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Karma, samsara, and dukkha

A comprehensive teaching on the intricate interplay of karma and its myriad manifestations of results. Excellent questions and answers referencing many topics.

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The disadvantages of cyclic existence: Part 1

Introduction to the fourth preliminary practice, the six disadvantages of cyclic existence, with an in-depth look at the first two disadvantages.

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The disadvantages of cyclic existence: Part 2

In-depth teaching on the third through the sixth disadvantage of cyclic existence. This teaching completes the teachings on the preliminary practices.

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Cultivating conventional bodhicitta

Introduction to the section of the text that explains how to cultivate the conventional awakening mind.

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Advantages of bodhicitta

The two kinds of bodhisattvas, the accumulation of merit, and the need to develop wisdom alongside bodhicitta.

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Seeing the kindness of our parents

The first two of the seven points of the cause and effect method of generating bodhicitta.

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The altruistic intention

The seven-point cause and effect technique for generating bodhicitta: the last five points.

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Developing bodhicitta

Equalizing and exchanging self and others and an explanation of the first six points of the nine-point death meditation.

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Equalizing self and others

Completing the section of the text explaining equalizing self and others by looking at things from the ultimate viewpoint.

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