Developing Compassion in Challenging Times Retreat (2017)

Teachings given during the Developing Compassion in Challenging Times Retreat at Sravasti Abbey in April 2017.

Composed compassion

How to take responsibility for cultivating compassion in our own lives.

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Meditating on equanimity

A meditation on equanimity, in which we imagine those whom we currently find challenging in an entirely different and expansive light.

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Obstacles to compassion

Exploring the meditation on the kindness of others, and various obstacles to compassion, including the mind of discouragement and unrealistic expectations.

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Equanimity in daily life

How to fit the practice of equanimity into our daily lives, and outlining the taking-and-giving meditation.

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Meditating on taking and giving

Imagining taking on all the suffering of others in order to destroy our own self-centred attitude, creating the space to be able to give expansively…

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