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Book cover of Varsa, Pravarana, and Kathina Rites

Varsa, Pravarana, and Kathina Rites

Rites for entering and concluding the annual monastic retreat from the Dharmaguptaka Vinaya. This text is best read by Buddhist monastics.

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Water with eight good qualities purifies all filth.
Washing my palms removes dirt, and my mind is unpolluted.
Upholding pure precepts without faults or offenses.
May this situation come about for all sentient beings.

— Receiving the Sticks to Enter Varsa, Dharmaguptaka Vinaya

Overview of contents

The Buddha taught that if fully ordained monastics carry out the bimonthly confession (posadha), rains retreat (varsa), and the invitation for feedback at the end of the rains retreat (pravarana), they would create the conditions for the Buddhadharma to flourish and remain in the world for a long time.

This booklet contains the Dharmaguptaka Vinaya rites for the varsa, pravarana, and also the ceremony to receive the robe of merit (kathina) at the end of the varsa.

Learn more about these rites here.

According to the Buddha’s Vinaya, only Buddhist monastics may read this text.

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