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Book cover of Teachings and Rites for Sramaneri/as

Teachings and Rites for Sramaneri/as

Essential rites and teachings for novice Buddhist monastics from the Dharmaguptaka Vinaya. This text is best read by Buddhist monastics.

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Upon waking from slumber,
May each and every sentient being
Awaken to omniscient wisdom
And regard sentient beings in the ten directions with compassion.

— Awakening at Dawn, Vinaya Essentials in Daily Life

Overview of contents

This booklet contains Dharmaguptaka Vinaya rites commonly used by female and male novice Buddhist monastics (sramaneris and sramaneras). It also includes two core texts for novice monastic education taught in the Chinese tradition: “The Essentials of the Sramaneri/a Precepts and Rules of Comportment” by Vinaya Master Zhuhong, and “Vinaya Essentials in Daily Life” by Vinaya Master Duti.

According to the Buddha’s Vinaya, this text may only be read by Buddhist monastics.

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