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Book cover of Bhikshuni Posadha and Rites to Establish the Territory

Bhikshuni Posadha and Rites to Establish the Territory

Rites for fully ordained nuns to establish a territory and conduct the bimonthly confession and recitation of precepts from the Dharmaguptaka Vinaya. This text is best read by fully ordained monastics.

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The Buddha’s appearance in the world is to be widely celebrated. Listening to the Dharma and practicing it accordingly is the surest cause for peace. The harmony of the assembly is the surest factor for nirvana. Liberating sentient beings from suffering is the utmost happiness.

— Dedication of Merit, Bhikshuni Posadha Rite

Overview of contents

Fully ordained Buddhist monastics gather on full and new moon days to renew their commitment to living in the ethical guidelines laid down by the Buddha, which is the foundation for developing concentration and wisdom, and which enables the Three Jewels to flourish in the world.

This booklet contains the Dharmaguptaka Vinaya rite for the bimonthly confession (posadha) for Buddhist monastics, the Pratimoksha Sutra for bhikshunis, and other rites required for and related to conducting the posadha.

According to the Buddha’s Vinaya, this text may only be read by fully ordained Buddhist monastics.

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