Training the mind in contentment

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A talk given during Sravasti Abbey’s annual Exploring Monastic Life program in 2013.

  • Developing long-term view of what is good
  • Examples for evidence on rebirth
  • Transgression of different levels of precepts and remedial actions
  • Importance of keeping our precepts well
  • Continuation of vinayas from the seven Buddhas—being content with our food, drink, and lodging
07 Exploring Monastic Life 08-17-13

Do not slander or envy others.
Always maintain the precepts.
Be content with food and drink.
Always be happy living in solitude.
Concentrate the mind and take delight in vigorous efforts.

That is the vinaya of Tathagata Vishvabhu, the unattached one, the fully enlightened one.

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