Feb 12, 2006

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The first frost of snow falls on a Buddha statue in the garden amidst fall foliage.
37 Practices of Bodhisattvas

37 Practices: Verses 25-28

The first four of the six perfections. Retreatants share their experiences and growth.

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Ven. Chodron, Ven. Jampa Tsedroen , Ven. Heng-Ching Shih and Ven. Lekshe Tsomo sitting and discussing on a table full of papers.
Tibetan Tradition

A means to achieve bhiksuni ordination

A request to all upholders of the vinaya traditions, to work together to find a…

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Vajrasattva statue
Vajrasattva Winter Retreat 2005-06

Remembering to take the medicine

After recognizing that we're the patients and are the ones that are suffering, we can…

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