Power of Love and Compassion Retreats (2013)

Teachings given at the Power of Love Retreat and Power of Compassion Retreat at Sravasti Abbey in 2013.

Defining love and happiness

Examining how we define "love" and "happiness," why we like friends, have apathy for strangers, and have aversion to those who harm us.

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The kindness of sentient beings

How to reflect on the kindness of all sentient beings, including our enemies, at both the personal and international level.

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Causes of happiness

The near and far enemies of love and the true causes of happiness that we wish for ourselves and others.

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A heart of compassion

The meaning of compassion and the importance of distinguishing between compassion and self-centered distress.

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Benefits of compassion

The benefits of cultivating compassion and how to meditate to develop compassion towards all sentient beings.

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Caring for ourselves and others

The antidotes to anger, an affliction which blocks our capacity to cultivate compassion.

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