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Book cover of Pravrajya and Shiksamana Ordination Rites

Pravrajya and Shiksamana Ordination Rites

Rites for ordaining novice monastics and training nuns from the Dharmaguptaka Vinaya. This text is best read by Buddhist monastics and ordination candidates.

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How wonderful, great courageous one! You are able to know the world is impermanent, leave the worldly life, proceed to nirvana. This is rare and hard to comprehend and speak about.

— Exhortation and Bowing to the Buddhas, Sramaneri/a Ordination Rite

Overview of contents

How does the Buddhist monastic community ordain a new monastic? This booklet contains the Dharmaguptaka Vinaya rites for ordaining female and male novice monastics (sramaneris and sramaneras) and training nuns (shiksamanas). It includes music scores for the chants as they are done at Sravasti Abbey.

According to the Buddha’s Vinaya, only Buddhist monastics and candidates for Buddhist monastic ordination may read this text.

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