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Buddhism: One Teacher, Many Traditions

Q&A with Clear Mountain Monastery

Question and answer with Ajahn Kovilo and Ajahn Nisabho of Clear Mountain Monastery in Seattle,…

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Working with Emotions

Be your own therapist

How to pay attention to, identify, and unpack the thoughts that inform our emotions in…

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Guest read Dharma books on the Chenrezig Hall deck.

Reading list

An extensive bibliography of resources for further study.

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Manjushri Weeklong Retreat 2022

The meaning of compassion

What compassion means, the three kinds of suffering that warrant compassion, and compassion’s connection to…

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Manjushri Weeklong Retreat 2022

Holding a retreat mind

Three ways to visualize Manjushri and how to set up a proper retreat environment.

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Awakening the Kind Heart with Venerable Sangye Khadro

Mother sentient beings

Five more verses from Nagarjuna's "Tale of a Wish-Fulfilling Dream" and a teaching about the…

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Colorful prayer flags against a clear blue sky.
Volume 5 In Praise of Great Compassion

In praise of great compassion

Interview for the Wisdom Podcast on "In Praise of Great Compassion," Volume 5 of The…

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Green Tara tsa tsa on the Chenrezig Hall altar with offerings.
Green Tara Weeklong Retreat 2020

Meditation on Arya Tara

Explanation of the prayers and recitations of the Tara practice and the meaning of the…

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Engaged Buddhism

Sravasti Abbey talks about the COVID-19 pandemic

A continuing series of Bodhisattva Breakfast Corner talks focusing on how to practice during the…

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Manjushri Weeklong Retreat 2019

“Letter to a Friend”: Verses 35-42

Venerable Thubten Chodron covers verses 35-42 of Nagarjuna's "Letter to a Friend."

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