Dedication from “Stages of the Path to Awakening”

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By accumulating through long effort, the two collections as vast as the sky, may I become the chief of the Victorious Ones, a guide of all beings whose minds are blinded by ignorance.

In all lives until I reach that point, may Manjushri look after me with loving-kindness. After I find the supreme path, complete in the stages of the teaching, my I please all the Victorious Ones by accomplishing it.

By skillful means inspired by strong loving-kindness, may the vital points of the path that I precisely know clear away the mental darkness of beings. May I then uphold the Victorious One’s teachings for a long time.

In regions where the supreme, precious teaching has not spread or where it has spread but then declined, with my heart deeply moved by great compassion, may I illuminate this treasure of happiness and benefit.

May the stages of the path to awakening, well-founded on the wondrous deeds of the Buddhas and bodhisattvas, bring glory to the minds of those who seek freedom and long preserve the Victorious One’s achievements.

May all human and non-human beings who eliminate adversity and provide conducive conditions for practicing the excellent path never be parted in any of their lives from the pure path praised by the Buddhas.

When we strive to properly accomplish the Universal Vehicle through the ten deeds of the teaching, may we always be assisted by the mighty ones and may oceans of good fortune spread everywhere.

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