Venerable Thubten Chonyi

Ven. Thubten Chonyi is a nun in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. She has studied with Sravasti Abbey founder and abbess Ven. Thubten Chodron since 1996. She lives and trains at the Abbey, where she received novice ordination in 2008. She took full ordination at Fo Guang Shan in Taiwan in 2011. Ven. Chonyi regularly teaches Buddhism and meditation at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Spokane and, occasionally, in other locations as well.

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Stages of the Path to Awakening Podcast

Review of emotions and feelings

Venerable Thubten Chonyi leads a review of the section “Buddhism, Science, and Emotions” from Chapter…

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Stages of the Path to Awakening Podcast

Review of the four truths

Venerable Thubten Chonyi gives a review of the four truths, focusing on the truth of…

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An Open-Hearted Life

A Healthy Diet for the Mind

How cultivating compassion is like engaging in a mental fitness program for the mind. What…

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Venerable Chonyi smiling while sorthing through bins of mail.
A Nun's Life

A nun’s lifestyle

The lifestyle of a Buddhist nun or monk is based on Buddhist values of compassion,…

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Someone holding another person's hand in supportive gesture.
Dealing with Grief

Comfort for the grieving

Venerable Chonyi examines some of the ways a friend can be of help when a…

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Buddhist Reasoning and Debate

Statements of pervasion review

Venerable Thubten Chonyi reviews the Statements of Pervasion section in Chapter 5 on “Two Kinds…

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Gomchen Lamrim

The perfection of ethical conduct

Venerable Thubten Chonyi teaches on how to understand the ten paths of non-virtuous behavior and…

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New to Buddhism

The four messengers

The story of Prince Siddhartha's path from a sheltered existence inside the palace to a…

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An Open-Hearted Life

“An Open-Hearted Life”: Preface by Profe...

A look at the western psychological perspective on compassion and how it relates to the…

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Teachings at Sravasti Abbey

“Precious Garland” review: Quiz 8 questi...

Venerable Thubten Chonyi reviews the infinite merit required to attain the Buddha's bodies and the…

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Cultivating Compassion

Meditating on taking and giving

Imagining taking on all the suffering of others in order to destroy our own self-centred…

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