Kenneth Mondal

Ken Mondal is a retired Ophthalmologist who lives in Spokane, Washington. He received his education at Temple University and University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia and residency training at University of California-San Francisco. He practiced in Ohio, Washington and Hawaii. Ken met the Dharma in 2011 and attends teachings and retreats on a regular basis at Sravasti Abbey. He also loves to do volunteer work in the Abbey's beautiful forest.

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Dark statue of Buddha next to a candle.
On Refuge and Bodhicitta

It works!!

Ken rejoices in the results of applying the Dharma in his life.

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Two men hugging.
On Cultivating Virtue

Be there for the right reasons

The motives behind your actions are important. Are you motivated by your ego? Buddhism teaches…

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Young man helping elderly man walk.
On Refuge and Bodhicitta

The kindness of others

When we develop equanimity we can overcome our attachment, anger and apathy and have equal-hearted…

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Un polevaulting hombre.
On Emptiness

Releasing the need to be the best

The understanding of emptiness is a hefty weapon in the battle with the ego.

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A man working in office facing the window
Workplace Wisdom


Applying the Dharma in the workplace, Ken Mondal offers us his personal experience.

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