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Study guides have been created for a number of root texts by Buddhist masters as well as books authored or co-authored by Venerable Chodron. These guides help us to think more deeply, further supporting our understanding of the Buddha’s teachings and creating causes for transformation.

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Book cover of the Study Guide for Open Heart Clear Mind

Open Heart, Clear Mind: Study Guide

A complementary resource to Venerable Chodron’s book, Open Heart, Clear Mind, this study guide contains key points for study and meditation. Based on introductory Buddhist teachings given by Venerable Thubten Chodron.

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Book cover of the study guide for Don't Believe Everything You Think

Don’t Believe Everything You Think: Study Guide

This study guide serves as a resource for the book Don’t Believe Everything You Think: Living with Wisdom and Compassion, a commentary on The Thirty-Seven Practices of Bodhisattvas. 

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Book cover of the study guide to Approaching the Buddhist Path

Approaching the Buddhist Path: Study Guide

Approaching the Buddhist Path, Volume 1 in The Library of Wisdom and Compassion, introduces us to the Buddha’s teachings on the path to full awakening. This study guide provides points for contemplation and encourages us to implement them in our lives.

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Book cover of the Study Guide for Open Hearted Life

An Open-Hearted Life: Study Guide

A study guide for An Open-Hearted Life: Transformative Methods for Compassionate Living from a Clinical Psychologist and a Buddhist Nun. The UK edition is entitled Living With an Open Heart: Cultivating Compassion in Everyday Life.

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Book cover of the Study Guide for Gomchen Lamrim

Gomchen Lamrim: Study Guide

Contemplation points to augment a series of teachings given on the Gomchen Lamrim, also entitled The Ascertainer of the Door to Practice Arisen from the Stages of the Path to Awakening: The Essence of All Eloquent Speech.

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Book cover of the Study Guide Guided Meditations on the Lamrim

Guided Meditations on the Lamrim: Study Guide

This guide is a concise outline of the lamrim meditations. It may be used on its own or as a supplement to the audio recordings of Guided Buddhist Meditations (originally titled Guided Meditations on the Stages of the Path).

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