Venerable Thubten Pende

Ven. Thubten Pende was born in Hue, the Imperial city of Vietnam, in 1963. She visited Sravasti Abbey for a short time in June, 2016, and returned in September for a three-month stay. She was interested in further exploring how a traditional monastic setting could be adapted to present American culture, as well as how Dharma practice and teaching are explained in a Western context at the Abbey. After her first month at the Abbey, Ven. Pende extended her stay to include a three-month winter retreat. Just before the winter retreat began, she asked to join the community. She is deeply honored that Venerable Thubten Chodron accepted her request and gave her a new lineage name, Thubten Pende, on Chinese Lunar New Year, January 28, 2017. She received full ordination in Taiwan in 2017.

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Venerable Pende standing next to Venerable Chodron, holding her robes and smiling.
Becoming a Monastic

Seniority in the sangha

Reflection on the monastic hierarchy helps a "baby" nun to grow in her Dharma practice.

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