Lamrim Teachings

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Copyright © 2015 and 2016 by Thubten Chodron. All volumes are strictly for free distribution and are not to be sold..

In the early eleventh century the Indian Buddhist master Atisha condensed essential points from the sutras and ordered them into the text Lamp of the Path. These were then expanded upon in the fourteenth century by the Tibetan Buddhist master Lama Tsongkhapa into the text The Great Exposition on the Gradual Path to Enlightenment (Lamrim Chenmo). Venerable Thubten Chodron taught on this text over several years at Dharma Friendship Foundation, and related these practical teachings to our daily lives. These ebooks are lightly-edited transcripts of those teachings. They have been organized and formatted by Lai Wee Chiang.

A comprehensive outline and the audio files that are the basis for these books can be found here.

Cover of Lamrim Teachings Vol. I

Volume I

Volume I: Foundations of the Path

  • Introduction to the Lamrim
  • How the Teachings Should Be Studied and Taught
  • Mind, Rebirth, Cyclic Existence and Enlightenment
  • The Six Preparatory Practices
  • How to Rely on a Spiritual Mentor
  • Precious Human Life

Vol. I Downloads: Kindle (mobi), iBooks (epub), PDF

Cover of Lamrim Teachings Volume II

Volume II

Volume II: Initial Scope

  • Remembering Death
  • The Actual Way to Become Mindful of Death
  • The Lower Realms
  • Taking Refuge
  • The Objects of Refuge
  • How to Take Refuge
  • The Benefits of Having Taken Refuge
  • Guidelines for the Practice of Refuge
  • Karma
  • 10 Destructive Actions and Their Results
  • Constructive Actions and Their Results
  • The Intensity of Karma
  • Other Ways of Differentiating Actions
  • Specific Aspects of Actions and Their Results
  • General Advice on Engaging in Positive Actions and Avoiding Destructive Ones

Vol. II Downloads: Kindle (mobi), iBooks (epub), PDF

Cover of Lamrim Teachings Volume III

Volume III

Volume III: Intermediate Scope

  • True Suffering
  • The Origin of Suffering
  • How the Afflictions Keep Us in Cyclic Existence
  • The 12 Links of Dependent Arising
  • The Path to Liberation

Vol. III Downloads: Kindle (mobi), iBooks (epub), PDF

Cover of Lamrim Teachings Volume IV

Volume IV

Volume IV: Advanced Scope

  • Training the Mind in the Stages of the Path for an Advanced Level Practitioner
  • Seven Points of Cause and Effect
  • Equalizing and Exchanging Self and Others
  • The Bodhisatta Vows
  • Introduction to the Six Far-Reaching Attitudes
  • Generosity
  • Ethics
  • Patience
  • Joyous Effort
  • Meditative Stabilization and Special Insight
  • Training in Calm Abiding
  • Wisdom
  • Ripening the Minds of Others
  • The Eightfold Noble Path

Vol. IV Downloads: Kindle (mobi), iBooks (epub), PDF