Four Establishments of Mindfulness (Portland 2014)

Teachings on the four establishments of mindfulness given at Maitripa College in October 2014.

Mindfulness and introspective awareness

An introduction to the teachings on the four establishments of mindfulness. How wisdom, mindfulness, and introspective awareness function together.

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Meditation, misconceptions, and the four seals

Manners of meditation, the four seals of Buddhism, and the benefits of understanding the body, feelings, mind, and phenomena.

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Mindfulness of the body and feelings

Different ways of meditation on the four establishments of mindfulness, focusing first on the body and feelings.

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Clinging to our identity

The definition of mindfulness of phenomena and how we cling to and grasp at our identity.

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Advice for Dharma practice

A question and answer session covering topics such as social conformity, guilt and regret, dealing with loss, and interdependence with the environment.

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