Pearl of Wisdom, Book III

Buddhist Prayers and Practices

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Pearl of Wisdom III is a collection of Action (Kriya) Tantra practice texts (sadhana) for those who wish to engage in self-generation deity yoga methods and who have received the appropriate tantric empowerment [] and subsequent permission [Tib. jenang]. Meditating on ourselves as the deity, such as 1000-Armed Chenrezig, Medicine Buddha, Green Tara, Manjusri, and Vajrasattva, helps us connect to various manifestations of the Buddha and inspires us to act with the wisdom, compassion, and the skill of an awakened being. Self-generation practices also include skillful meditation techniques for generating and then uniting serenity and insight.

May you enjoy and benefit from the Buddha’s teachings!

Please note: To do the practices in this book, you must have trained in the fundamentals of Buddhism — the four noble truths, the aspiration for liberation, bodhicitta, and the correct view of the ultimate nature. You must also have received the appropriate tantric empowerment or subsequent permission for that particular deity. Please only read or do the practices in this book if you have all of the above qualifications.

Introduction to the book

Pearl of Wisdom III Introduction 08-26-20

Venerable Chodron reads an excerpt

Pearl of Wisdom III Reading 09-16-20


  • Introduction
  • Meditation on 1000-Armed Chenrezig
  • Four-Armed Chenrezig Meditation
  • Meditation on Orange Manjusri
  • Vajrapani Guru Yoga Meditation
  • Meditation on Arya Tara
  • Medicine Buddha Meditation
  • Vajrasattva Meditation
  • Meditation on Cintacakra White Tara
  • Inseparability of the Spiritual Mentor and Avalokiteshvara
  • Prayer to the Sixteen Supreme Arhats
  • Dorje Khadro (Vajra Daka) Fire Offering
  • Samayavajra Purification
  • Tsa Sur

More prayers and practices