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Buddha in bright radiating light.
LR14 Bodhisattva Deeds

Overcoming discouragement

Continuing to explore far-reaching joyous effort by looking at the three types of discouragement and…

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Many statutes of bodhisattvas.
LR13 Bodhisattva Ethical Restraints

Root bodhisattva vows: Vows 14 to 18

Commentary on the last five of the eighteen root bodhisattva vows including the four binding…

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Close-up of orange-colored face of smiling Buddha.
LR13 Bodhisattva Ethical Restraints

Commitments of aspiring bodhicitta

Generating the two types of bodhicitta: aspiring and engaging. How to protect our bodhicitta from…

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Statue of a sitting Buddha.
LR12 Cultivating Bodhicitta

Generating love and compassion

Continuing the exploration of the seven-point cause and effect meditation by looking at heart-warming love…

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Deity Meditation

Meditation on the Buddha

Step-by-step meditation on the Buddha. This includes reciting verses and contemplating good qualities you aspire…

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Painting of the Buddha's first discourse.
LR09 The Four Truths for the Aryas

The dukkha of cyclic existence

Looking at and meditating on the disadvantages of cyclic existence in many different ways helps…

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Woman visiting dogs in a shelter.
LR08 Karma

Positive actions and their results

Looking at karma in terms of the positive actions and results, and a discussion of…

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The word "Mind" painted on a wall.
LR08 Karma

Three destructive actions of mind

Of the ten destructive actions, the three mental actions are the motivator for all the…

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Altar in a shrine room.
LR03 The Six Preparatory Practices

Obtaining offerings properly and setting the right p...

Further instruction on how to make offerings, and a commentary on the third preparatory practice:…

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Manjushri Weeklong Retreat 2022

The far-reaching attitude of equanimity

The importance of rejoicing in the success of others, and on the happiness gained from…

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