Teachings on the mental affliction of anxiety, including its causes and antidotes.

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Transforming War and Terrorism

Healing from a war

Reflections on a Time Magazine article on how more U.S. soldiers have died by suicide…

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Healing from Gun Violence

Dealing with violent acts

Sharing some perspectives from listeners on how to deal with the emotional responses to mass…

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Healing from Gun Violence

Sadness and anger in response to mass shootings

Working with the sadness and anger in response to mass shootings. How to generate compassion…

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Statue near a pond of a Buddha meditating.
Fear, Anxiety, and Other Emotions

Dealing with anxiety

Anxiety can be ameliorated through meditation and kindness towards self and others.

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Big blue sky with fluffy clouds above the tree line
On Mindfulness

Vanquishing depression and anxiety

It is possible to free oneself from reacting negatively to life through meditation and practice.

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Fear, Anxiety, and Other Emotions

Transforming depression and anxiety

Recognizing how thoughts fuel emotions, how happiness and suffering originate within the mind, and cultivating…

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Abbey Guest
Short Verses to Cultivate Bodhicitta

Verse 19-4: Antidote to depression

How meditating on precious human life results in constant awareness of how fortunate we are,…

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Man crouched down, holding his head in his hands.
On Self-Worth

Depression and Buddha nature

A person in prison gives advice to a student with depression from his own personal…

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Photo of woman lying in bed, looking sad.
Fear, Anxiety, and Other Emotions

Dealing with depression

How putting our life into perspective through spiritual practice can help with depression.

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