Venerable Thubten Chodron

Pioneering American Buddhist teacher and founder of Sravasti Abbey, currently assisting His Holiness the Dalai Lama with The Library of Wisdom and Compassion book series.

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Wisdom you can taste

How can mindfulness about eating a strawberry help us when we’re hanging on to our precious human life?

Read here as Venerable Chodron teaches us to turn our minds toward a higher purpose with long-lasting benefits rather than wasting moments focused only on short-lived pleasures.

The Buddha gave a wealth of teachings on impermanence, cyclic existence, emptiness and bodhicitta. He did not teach being attached to the present moment because it’s so wonderful!”
How can we eat mindfully to create the causes for awakening? We can eat a strawberry mindfully in many different ways... a whole variety of things we could do with our minds while eating."
We can use our minds to promote progress on the spiritual path, instead of eating just to enjoy something that disappears. Our lives are too short and precious to spend them in that way.”

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Young people knead bread together in the Sravasti Abbey kitchen. Mindful Eating

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Young people knead bread together in the Sravasti Abbey kitchen. Mindful Eating

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