Jul 31, 2012

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A row of novice nuns kneels to receive a stick to enter the annual monastic retreat.
Prayers and Practices

Monastic mind motivation prayer

Verses recited daily at Sravasti Abbey by both monastics and guests in order to cultivate…

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Moss and Mary Grace in front of one of the Abbey altars.
On Taking Illness Onto the Path

Practicing with what’s in front of you

When we are faced with caring for loved ones who are ill and suffering, practicing…

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Shoes making the letter V in VOTE.
Practicing Democracy

Should Buddhists vote?

How can we participate in shaping our society without allowing attachment and anger to arise…

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An early photo of Venerable Chodron, smiling.
Becoming a Monastic

A monastic’s mind

A talk directed at monastics but valuable for all. The value of having a monastic…

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Cover of Insight into Emptiness.

Causal dependence

Excerpt from the book "Insight into Emptiness," explaining the simile of the cloud and how…

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