Oct 15, 2009

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Man sitting outside in field under clear sky at dusk.
By Incarcerated People

Release from prison: Shock or growth?

A hard-earned experience of over 20 years in prison and a clear-eyed assessment of what…

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Statue of 1000 armed Chenrezig made of wood.
108 Verses on Compassion

108 Verses: Verses 35-41

How much attachment we have for the body, yet only the karma we create in…

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Thangka of Four-Armed Chenrezig applique.
Chenrezig Weeklong Retreat 2009

Equanimity and loving kindness

Guidance on overcoming our habitual afflictions by being open-minded to those of different backgrounds.

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Mind Training Like Rays of the Sun

Training in the five powers

How to practice the power of intention, the power of the white seed, and the…

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