Jul 3, 2008

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Man walking down street looking angry.
Healing Anger

How can we deal with anger?

Venerable Chodron explains how anger, a negative emotion, creates problems in our lives, and how…

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Young Adults Explore Buddhism 2008

Making decisions

This talk geared towards youth focuses on making decisions and having a sense of curiosity…

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Dharma in Action

How to live in modern times

A Buddhist perspective on contemporary issues ranging from fundamentalism to the environment.

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Essence of Refined Gold

Cultivating the correct view

An in-depth look at how we apprehend objects, including the self, and how we can…

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Purple flowers blossom in a bunch.
Short Verses to Cultivate Bodhicitta

Verses review: The Buddhist view

The importance of making our lives more meaningful, not taking our lives for granted, and…

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