Guided meditation on White Tara

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White Tara’s specialty is long life, which she bestows by helping to purify the negative karma that causes disease and untimely death.

Meditation (October 7, 2004)

White Tara meditation (download)

Clarifications on the White Tara sadhana and recording
for the retreat from afar (September 20, 2010)

The recorded White Tara sadhana, guided meditation, follows the sadhana that appears in the Pearl of Wisdom II prayer book. The text of the sadhana that can be downloaded from the web site is the same as that in the Pearl of Wisdom prayer book.

You will notice that the wording in the recording differs slightly from the text version.

  1. The following paragraph appears after the mantra recitation in the text version but just before the mantra recitation in the recorded version.

    Think and feel, “I am liberated from all negative karma, disturbing attitudes, negative emotions, disease, interferences and dangers of untimely death. I will use my life in a meaningful way to transform my mind; develop love, compassion, and the six far-reaching attitudes; and act in ways that benefit others, myself, and our environment.”

    It does not matter whether this is before or after the visualization and mantra recitation. The meaning is the same: while we are reciting the mantra, we should feel and think as described in the paragraph. After we finish the visualization and mantra recitation we reconfirm this thought/feeling.

  2. In the recorded version the “Lord of Death” is mentioned as part of the visualization. This is not in the text version.

    In the recording, just before the mantra recitation, is says that the impurities “leave in the form of dirty liquid. Imagine below the earth the Lord of Death with his mouth wide open. It becomes nectar that feeds the Lord of Death so he’s completely satisfied.”

    Also in the recording, after the mantra recitation, it says, “The Lord of Death is completely satisfied, his mouth closes. It is sealed with a crossed vajra and he disappears under the earth.”

    You can do this particular visualization or not, as you wish. The Lord of Death should not be thought of as an actual being, but a personification of our own mortality, which is a natural part of living in samsara. It can be seen as a symbolic representation of the fact that all of us will die because we are under the control of ignorance and karma.

  3. In the recording, after the dedication verses, there is an additional request prayer recited by Venerable Chodron, A song of longing for Tara, the infallible. This is an optional recitation and may be skipped if time does not allow. The text for this prayer can be found on the website. It is also in Ven. Chodron’s book, How to Free Your Mind: Tara the Liberator.

This article is available in Spanish: Aclaraciones sobre la sadana de Tara Blanca y la grabación para el retiro a distancia

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