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  • The differences between Buddhist meditation and secular meditation
  • Stabilizing meditation and analytical meditation
  • Practicing meditation without expectation or grasping at a result
  • Dharma practice involves every aspect of our life
  • Building a strong foundation in the Dharma before doing a long retreat
  • Constructing a daily meditation practice
  • The difference between contentment and complacency

Making progress in meditation (download)

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How to sit in meditation Mon, 01 Dec 2014 16:55:41 +0000

  • Finding a suitable cushion
  • Different cross-legged positions
  • Position of back, head, eyes, hands
  • Importance of keeping a straight back, sitting up straight

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Walking meditation techniques Sat, 21 Mar 2009 17:19:21 +0000

  • Explanation on how to do walking meditation
  • Descriptions of several walking meditation techniques

Walking meditation (download)

Enlightening the path in our hearts Sun, 16 Mar 2008 02:49:32 +0000

Setting a proper motivation

  • What is meditation and its purpose?
  • What is a proper motivation for meditating?
  • Importance of learning about meditation from somebody who knows how to meditate

Meditation on Enlightening the Path in Our Hearts 01 (download)

Developing a meditation practice

  • Developing the three wisdoms of hearing, thinking and meditating
  • Establishing a daily meditation practice
  • Types of meditation

Meditation on Enlightening the Path in Our Hearts 02 (download)

Questions and answers

  • What is the meaning of taking refuge and the five precepts?
  • From a spiritual perspective, what are the karmic causes for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and how do we solve this issue?
  • I have just broken up with my partner. When meditating, I’m distracted by thoughts of my partner, sadness, etc. What should I do?
  • How do you deal with difficult colleagues and bosses at the workplace?
  • Could you explain why life sometimes does not turn out the way we want it to? Is it related to our karma?

Meditation on Enlightening the Path in Our Hearts 03 (download)

Walking meditation and its benefits Mon, 25 Jun 2007 17:20:20 +0000

Part one

  • The three phases of walking
  • Visualizing and meditating on Buddha Shakyamuni

Walking meditation 01 (download)

Part two

  • Daily tasks as Dharma
  • Mantra and offerings
  • Different walking techniques

Walking meditation 02 (download)

Excerpt from part two

Each Buddhist tradition has different ways of doing [walking meditation]. I’ll explain to you each one in some detail.

  1. Meditation walking at a normal pace. You can imagine Chenrezig at your heart, inside your body or Chenrezig on your head. Those people who have taken the Chenrezig initiation can do the self-generation . As you walk around then say the mantra om mani padme hum and then imagine the light flowing from Chenrezig’s heart going out into the environment and touching all the sentient beings and freeing them from all the sufferings and their causes, afflictions and karma. Start with the beings in the area around you and then spread out to your city and then to your country and gradually to the universe.
  2. Meditation walking at a normal pace. Offer all the beautiful things that you see around you to all the Buddhas and bodhisattvas. This helps you with the practice of generosity. Then you can also offer all of the beautiful things to the sentient beings that are suffering with different situations such as people in prisons and in hospitals.
  3. Walking slower than normal between two points back and forth. Observe the body while you are walking. Be aware of your gait, slowing down a little bit and be focused on all the parts of the body and how they are co-dependent in the three different phases of the stepping, lifting, swinging and placing. When you get very fairly focused on what is happening in every step, fining tuning even more every single part of your body during the gait, you become more aware as you are walking. This is very good for slowing down your mind before beginning any meditation. You must align your breathing with your walking. When you pay attention to the process of walking and how your steps are and how your breathing is it helps to settle the mind in a very beautiful way. Breathing and walking coincide in a very different way than when you are in a hurry.
  4. Quick walk. In the Zen tradition, they walk in circles. Thoughts keep going around in our minds whenever we think about the past or the future. We are not here in the present. It is a mind of attachment; we are wasting our time ruminating about things. It is interesting how people’s minds work.
Stilling the critical mind Wed, 14 Sep 2005 13:54:37 +0000

  • Guided breathing meditation
  • Working with the dissatisfied mind

Breathing meditation (download)

Meditation 101 Tue, 17 May 2005 14:44:08 +0000

Two main types of meditation

  • Familiarizing with positive thinking
  • Benefits of stabilization and analytical methods
  • Virtuous and nonvirtuous states of mind

Introduction to meditation (download)

Meditation posture

  • Sitting position
  • Hand placement
  • Head and eye position

Meditation posture (download)

Importance of keeping the back straight

  • Keeping the posture in check
  • The benefits of a good posture

Keeping the back straight (download)

Preparing the body and mind

  • Scanning the body
  • Cultivating a good motivation
  • Balancing one’s mind

Preparing the body and mind (download)

The importance of setting a proper motivation

  • Familiarizing one’s mind with a positive state
  • Having a long-term perspective
  • Transformation and the effects

The importance of setting a proper motivation (download)

Three levels of motivation: part one

  • Action and motivation
  • Virtuous and non­virtuous motivations
  • Preparation and awareness for the right results

Three levels of motivation 01 (download)

Three levels of motivation: part two

  • Benefits of keeping precepts
  • Attachment and its karmic results
  • Attaining a state of peace, good rebirth, and nirvana
  • Cultivating bodhicitta—­the cause of enlightenment

Three levels of motivation 02 (download)

Joyous effort

  • Diligence and joyous effort
  • Long-term view

Meditation and effort (download)

Fill yourself with good qualities Tue, 12 Apr 2005 10:17:00 +0000

Guided meditation

  • Guided meditation for non-Buddhist audience working with inmates
  • Visualization meditation for the purification of past negative actions created by body, speech and mind

Purification 01 (download)

Investigating purification

  • How refraining from judgment allows for great healing
  • Using honest reflection to increase our compassion and wisdom
  • The meaning of purification
  • Overcoming resistance to purification

Purification 02 (download)

Setting up a daily practice Wed, 16 Mar 2005 02:46:41 +0000


  • Setting meditation time
  • Generating a motivation
  • Remembering your intention throughout the day
  • Reviewing your daily practice at night

Daily practice 01 (download)

Benefits of regular meditation

  • Meditation as respect for ourselves
  • Setting priorities and meaning in life

Daily practice 02 (download)

Dealing with distractions Thu, 09 Sep 2004 17:43:49 +0000


  • Cultivating contentment
  • Noticing the dissatisfied mind
  • Developing a clear state

Discontentment (download)

Physical pain: part one

  • Getting exercise
  • Physical versus mental pain
  • Self-centered mind

Dealing with physical pain 01 (download)

Physical pain: part two

  • Getting exercise outside of the meditation session
  • Observing the mind’s reaction to physical pain
  • Letting go of mental fabrications about the pain
  • Doing the taking and giving meditation

Dealing with physical pain 02 (download)

Restless energy

  • Overcoming restlessness
  • Observing our energy
  • Identifying emotional states

Restless energy (download)

Distractions: part one

  • The mind’s stories
  • Counteracting the distracted mind

Distractions 01 (download)

Distractions: part two

  • Mediation and thought patterns
  • Attachment and the antidotes
  • Questioning unrealistic views

Distractions 02 (download)


  • Seeing yourself
  • Antidotes to drowsiness

Drowsiness (download)


  • Awareness of the mind
  • Responding to feelings

Tickling sensations (download)


  • Examining its causes
  • Working with pain

Squirming (download)