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  • If we want happiness, we need to accumulate the causes for happiness
  • Self-grasping and self-centeredness—the two buddies that collaborate to make us miserable
  • Working with our faults by anthropomorphizing them
  • How the verses from the Wheel of Sharp Weapons can transform the mind
  • Learning how to oppose self-grasping and self-centeredness

Karma: The boomerang effect (download)

The first talk can be found here.

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How karma influences our lives http://thubtenchodron.org/2016/07/causes-and-results/ Fri, 22 Jul 2016 02:00:44 +0000 http://thubtenchodron.org/?p=73080

  • Our actions have an ethical dimension that is determined primarily by our motivation
  • How an illness lead to a special connection with the Wheel of Sharp Weapons
  • The importance and challenge of examining our motivation
  • Being separated from friends is a result of dividing others in the past
  • Looking at world events through the lens of karma
  • How to meditate on karma using the four principles of karma

How karma influences our lives (download)

The second talk can be found here.

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Ethical conduct and emptiness http://thubtenchodron.org/2013/10/ignorance-manipulation-loyalty/ Sun, 27 Oct 2013 22:22:10 +0000 http://thubtenchodron.org/?p=54642

  • Right livelihood and taking things that have not been freely offered
  • Bragging about our qualities, when our meditation is still poor
  • Ignorant to outer manipulations and ignoring those that are truly kind
  • The importance of loyalty and repaying the kindness of others
  • How understanding dependent arising and emptiness should deepen our practice of ethical conduct

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The importance of motivation http://thubtenchodron.org/2013/10/wrong-views-health/ Sat, 26 Oct 2013 22:22:06 +0000 http://thubtenchodron.org/?p=54641

  • Rooting out the obstinate heart
  • Why wrong views are so stifling to our practice
  • Why maintaining our health in order to benefit others is different than being self-indulgent
  • The effects of motivation on one’s practice

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Meaningful Dharma practice http://thubtenchodron.org/2013/10/respecting-dharma-honesty/ Sat, 26 Oct 2013 22:22:00 +0000 http://thubtenchodron.org/?p=54640

  • What makes a bad companion
  • Explanation of the importance of respecting Dharma objects
  • Why enduring hardships for the Dharma is not necessarily a bad thing
  • The importance of honest assertive speaking for Dharma practice

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Striking at the vital point http://thubtenchodron.org/2013/10/karma-boomerang/ Sat, 26 Oct 2013 22:21:55 +0000 http://thubtenchodron.org/?p=54639

  • How the text strikes at the vital point of self-grasping and self-centered ignorance
  • The energy we transmit boomerangs back to us—the inner workings of karma
  • Why deities have wrathful forms
  • Explanation of how to practice tonglen
  • Our obligation to help those that are suffering
  • Realize the wrongs that we have done and commit to not repeating them again

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