“Samsara, Nirvana, and Buddha Nature”

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A talk based on Samsara, Nirvana and Buddha Nature, volume three in the The Library of Wisdom and Compassion series. The talk was given at the American Evergreen Buddhist Association Temple in Kirkland, WA and organized by Dharma Friendship Foundation.

  • The power of generating a virtuous group motivation
  • Samsara, nirvana and buddha nature
  • The mind and it’s potential
  • Enlarging your self-image and what you think you can do
  • The obstructions to cognizing objects
  • The nature of the mind is pure, the afflictions are adventitious
  • Eliminating afflictions and developing excellent qualities
  • Questions and answers
    • What is the nature of mind that it goes on endlessly?
    • What is the difference between the brain and the mind?
    • What is the difference between gross and subtle mind?
    • What is the mind dependent on?

Samsara, Nirvana, and Buddha Nature: The mind’s potential (download)

Venerable Chodron March 2019

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