Gomchen Lamrim review: The 37 harmonies

Part of a series of teachings on the Gomchen Lamrim by Gomchen Ngawang Drakpa.

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    • Where the 37 harmonies to awakening fit into the larger picture of the spiritual path
    • The 37 harmonies to awakening
      • The four establishments of mindfulness
      • The four supreme strivings
      • The four bases of supernormal powers
      • The five faculties and the five powers
      • The seven awakening factors
      • The noble eightfold path
    • How to practice the harmonies in daily life

    Gomchen Lamrim 68 review: The 37 harmonies (download)

    68 The Gomchen Lamrim: Review of the 37 Awakening Factors 12-2-16

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